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Deanna Adams
Vanderbilt University ❤

Meet Paige!

Paige attends Vanderbilt University. Paige graduated from Oxbridge Academy in 2017. She constantly works to balance her time between family, friends, schoolwork, volunteer work, and extracurricular activities. In her free time, Paige loves to ride her horse Sadie, dance, practice her photography skills, and write fiction novels. She enjoys travelling, a passion that sparked her love for photography, and hopes to combine these two passions in an effort to bring awareness to global injustices of wild animals. Paige has written and published a novel and wishes to become an author as well. She spends her summers as a volunteer counselor at a horseback riding camp in North Georgia where she instructs kids ages 5-14 on the importance of safety around horses and teaches them how to ride. Her love for working with children inspires her to reach out to her community and strive to make an indelible impact. Paige looks forward to many upcoming Crew Nights with Women Making Waves and hopes her middle and high school experiences can be used to offer positive advice and help them through empathetically difficult situations.